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Prezidente Humidor


  This exquisite cabinet can be made to fit your space requirements. The interior cabinets are based on our Ultra Light model. Shown is the Triple El Presidente, 8'T x 13 'L x 20'D. This can be the decorative highlight in your shop, restaurant, bar or nightclub. 

Hurricane II Humidifier


This is a rework of the original Hurricane Humidifier it has the same efficiency as the original. 

 In a dry, enclosed area it can disperse one gallon of water in 12 to 15 hours. In a 30 - 50 box capacity humidor the Hurricane should meet your desired humidity level within a few hours.  

Hurricane Humidifier


Designed for the efficient humidification of locker systems, cigar humidor cabinets, or small Walk-In humidors. 


Classic / Ultralite Humidors


 Our most popular commercial humidors.  Both have tempered glass, adjustable Spanish Cedar shelving, and stainless steel marine channel (for a tight seal).  

Classic 7'T x 48"W x 18"D, displays 35-50 boxes. 

Ultralite 6'T x 42"W x 15"D, displays 30-36 boxes.

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